For reference purposes, gloves shall be sampled and inspected in accordance with ISO 2859-1. The inspection levels and acceptable quality levels (AQLs) shall conform to specifications in the table below for the characteristics listed. 

Inspection Levels and Acceptable Quality Levels

Characteristics Inspection Level AQL
Physical dimensions (width, length, thickness) S-2 4.0
Water-tightness G1 1.5
Tensile strength, force at break and elongation at break (before and after accelerated ageing) S-2 4.0
Extractable proteins N=3 N/A
Powder-free residue N=5 N/A
Powder amount N=2 N/A


Test Pieces for Tensile Properties Testing 

  • Test pieces shall be taken from the palm or cuff of unused gloves, avoiding textured areas if possible.
  • Standard dumb-bell-shaped Type II test pieces, as specified in accordance with ISO 37, shall be used.
  • A minimum of three test pieces shall be tested for one data point. The median shall be the test results.


Test Pieces for Protein and Powder Content Determinations

Whole gloves are used for testing of extractable protein and residual powder contents.