Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between the SMG certification and other standards such as ASTM and EN?

The SMG is a product certification scheme which not only has technical specifications at least as stringent as those in national standards such as ASTM and EN but has quality built into its manufacturing process as well.


2. Is SMG certification applicable for all types of rubber gloves?

SMG certification is only applicable to natural rubber latex examination gloves, both powdered and powder-free.


3. How do I obtain SMG certification for gloves?

SMG certification is issued by the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB). Application for SMG certification must bemade to MRB by the  manufacturer of natural rubber latex examination gloves.


4. What are the requirements to obtain SMG certification?

a) The company must be registered in Malaysia;
b) The gloves must be produced in a factory located in Malaysia.
Further details on the product technical requirements are available at MRB.


5. Can I apply for SMG certification for gloves produced in countries other than Malaysia?

No. The SMG certification is only issued to qualified companies based in Malaysia.


6. How much do I have to pay for the SMG certification?

For every new application, each manufacturer has to pay RM2,000. The certification is valid for one year. Renewal
     of the certification will cost RM500 per year.


7. Is SMG certification accepted by gloves importing countries?  

As a certified product meeting stringent technical specifications, there is no reason why they should not be accepted.


8. How long is the SMG certificate valid after issue?

For a year from date of issue. However, if there is any violation of conditions detected during regular surveillanceaudits by the MRB, the license may be suspended or even revoked.


9. Are there any incentives provided for the application of SMG certificate?

The Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC) (MREPC) provides various incentives for Malaysian glove manufacturers who are involved in the SMG scheme. Kindly refer to the MREPC website at for details.


10. What are the differences between SMG type I and SMG type II?

Technical requirements of SMG type I conform to USFDA requirements while for SMG type II, they conform to EU requirements.