• REPC participated at the 19th FIME exhibition held in Miami, Florida from 12th to 14th August 2009, to promote SMG gloves to medical and health care professionals and trade representatives in the United States and the Americas.

    FIME (originally known as the Florida International Medical Exposition) has world-wide recognition as the premier international medical trade fair and congress in the US. The trade show attracted nearly 700 exhibitors showcasing the latest in medical technology, from USA as well as from other countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Korea, Argentina, India and Pakistan. The exhibitors included manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and traders of medical products, accessories and equipment.

    The SMG Pavilion at FIME 2009, with its striking design and layout, drew positive comments from exhibitors and visitors alike. Some banners and posters were displayed at strategic locations, directing visitors to the Malaysian stand. In addition to MREPC, three SMG glove manufacturers, namely, Kossan Latex Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, Seal Polymer Industries Berhad and Tekmedic (M) Sdn Bhd, displayed products (SMG gloves) and other promotional material at the pavilion. A seminar on SMG gloves titled "New Medical Glove Manufacturing Standards: An Industry Update" was conducted on the second day of the exhibition, to brief participants on the current developments in glove manufacturing.

    MREPC received 105 enquiries, with 96 percent of them related to medical gloves (mainly examination gloves) while the remaining were related to radiation gloves and other products with some general enquiries. More than half of the enquiries were received from visitors from countries other than USA, including from South America, Central America, Canada and Mexico and from other regions (Asia, Africa and Europe). Most of these visitors were traders or importers of medical devices. Generally, MREPC received positive feedback from manufacturers as well as visitors regarding the SMG Pavilion booth design and SMG promotion initiative.